Q. "I'm interested in buying a Blue bicycle, but I can't find any dealers near me or those closest to me don't have what I want in stock. Can you tell me where I can find it, or can I buy it directly from you?"

A. You can find your closest Blue dealer by visiting our dealer locator, or for international customers, our worldwide distributors. Simply enter your city or zip code, and a list of Blue dealers in your area.

Your local Blue dealer will be able to provide you with the most-up-to-date information on what they have in stock. All of our bikes are sold exclusively through our network retailers.  We do not sell directly to consumers in order to ensure that all of our Blue bicycles are professionally assembled and serviced.

Q. "I have a Blue bicycle, and the frame is broken. I would like to know if this qualifies as a warranty situation and if so how do I file a warranty claim?"

A. The Blue warranty policy extends 5 year limited coverage on defects in materials and workmanship for the bicycle frameset as long as it was purchased from, and assembled by an authorized Blue dealer. For further reference, please see your warranty policy, which details exactly what is covered on your Blue product. This warranty policy only covers the following models - 2012 or newer Triads and AC1s - all other models must be 2014 and newer. For further details or questions please contact your local dealer.  Blue reserves the right to refuse and deny any warranty claims at Blue's discretion.

All warranty claims are evaluated and handled through our authorized Blue dealers. To file a claim, please bring your Blue bicycle to your local Blue dealer. If you are going to file the claim at a Blue dealer that is different from the one where you originally purchased the product, then you must bring a copy of your receipt or invoice that proves you are the original owner of the product.  If you do not have an authorized Blue dealer in your area, you can work with any local bicycle shop to assist you with the claim. 

Q. "Where do I find my Serial number?"

A. You can locate your serial number on the underside of the bicycle near the crankset and bottom bracket area.  You will need your serial number when you register your bicycle.  We also recommend you keep the serial number in your owner’s manual in case your bicycle ever gets stolen.

Q. "I am having problems with certain parts on my bike and would like to know if this qualifies as a warranty situation and if so, how do I file a warranty claim?"

A. The Blue warranty policy covers all original parts on the bicycle that are branded either Aerus or Blue, for up to one year in the U.S. from the date of purchase. For International warranty polices, please contact the distributor in your country. Original parts and components are covered by the stated warranty of the original manufacturer. 

Q. "Does Blue offer a Crash Replacement Policy?”

A.  In the event that your Blue bicycles is damaged due to a crash or impact, Blue Bicycles will work with your local dealer to repair or replace your bicycle at a significantly reduced price.  Please bring your bicycle to your local Blue Dealer and have them contact us for information.

Q. "Can I order parts directly from you?”

A.  Blue Competition Cycles does not sell directly to consumers.  If you need to order any parts specifically for your Blue, please visit the list of Authorized Blue Dealers.

Q. "What size bicycle should I ride?”

A.  Blue Competition Cycles offer many sizes and we understand the need to ride the correct bicycle to ensure a comfortable and safe ride.  We recommend you visit your local Blue dealer to get professionally measured and fit to your Blue.  There are many factors involved and having a local fitter is the best way to determine sizing.

Q. "Why don’t you post the weight of your bicycles?”

A.  Blue Competition Cycles does not publish the weights of our bicycles due to the variability within the components of each size of bicycle.  

Q. "Do you repair or repaint older models or offer decals?”

A.  Blue does not offer this service however we can recommend a few painters and carbon repair shops.  We do not stock decals or Touch Up Paint.  Please call us for more information.

Q. "Does Blue offer any type of Sponsorship?”

A.  Blue strongly believes in sponsoring teams and athletes.  We have many levels of sponsorship from Professionals, Collegiate, Regional and Brand Ambassadors.  To be considered for sponsorship, resumes must be sent to service@rideblue.com. All of our sponsorships are run through our Blue Dealers and we will work with them to provide support.  To be considered for sponsorship, resumes must be received to our office no later than September 15th. 

Q. "Where are you located and where are your bicycles produced?”

A.  Blue's mailing address is in California.  We are a Proud American Company and design and develop all of our Blue bicycles in the United States.  All of our Blue bicycles are assembled and prepared for Worldwide distribution from Taiwan.