Turning the impossible into I’mPossible isn’t easy. It requires tremendous work, dedication and, at times, blind faith.

In 2011, I suffered a near career ending crash during an Ironman competition. In one second, I’d broken 6 bones; two ribs, an elbow, my pelvis in two places and my hip. Doctors told me I might never run again and that most certainly, my career as a professional athlete was over. I was too broken, my career too physically demanding and the prospect of a return was……impossible.

I awoke the next day, and set about to finish that day healthier than I’d started it. I learned to stand. To walk. To stand on one foot. And eventually, to swim, bike, and run. Every day, I pledged to finish the day doing something I hadn’t been able to do the day before.

It took years, but ultimately, I turned the impossible into I’mPossible and I did it with the amazing support of companies like Blue. You see, Blue was not all-together different than I was, at that time. Together, Blue and I reinvented ourselves thru discipline, dedication, a passion for what we do, and an insatiable desire for excellence, transforming an uncertain future into a 2015 Ironman Taiwan victory.

From Impossible to I’mPossible.
— Dede Griesbauer
2015 ironman world chanmpionship dede pre race interview
Short interview with our Pro Triathlete just prior to her win of the 2014 Taiwan 70.3