At Blue Competition Cycles, we race our bikes and we’re hard on our equipment. We realize that in the real world, accidents happen, crashes occur (way more often than we like to admit) and we all know someone who has driven into the garage with a bike on top of the car. We want to make sure that if something does happen to your bike that is not covered under warranty that we can get you back out on the road and riding your Blue as quickly and painlessly as possible. There are a few simple rules:

 • The Crash Replacement eligibility applies only to the original owner of a Blue Competition Cycles bicycle and is not transferable.
 • The subject frame must be registered with Blue Competition Cycles, either through on-line registration or by the receipt of a warranty registration card by Blue Competition Cycles Bicycle Corporation, before a replacement request can be honored.
 • The bicycle must have been purchased at an Authorized Blue Competition Cycles Bicycle Retailer in order to be eligible for replacement.
  • All labor charges associated with the replacement are the responsibility of the bicycle’s owner.

To take advantage of our Crash Replacement Policy, simply call us or contact us via email at crash@rideblue.com to discuss the specific costs involved. Please have the model, serial number and receipt available when you call.


Assessing any damage done to a carbon fiber or alloy part requires more experience, equipment and expertise than is commonly found at an Authorized Blue Competition Cycles Bicycle Retailer. If you or your customer has crashed or impacted your bike and the force of the impact is absorbed by a carbon or alloy part, we strongly encourage you to replace that part, even if there are no indications of damage. Failure to do so can result in a catastrophic failure leading to serious injury or death.

For Blue Competition Cycles Product Information and Support Call (800) 470-2606