For a 17 year old kid to compete with experienced, fully matured elite athletes, being competitive on the bike leg of a triathlon seemed Impossible.

As a strong swimmer, I repeatedly found myself first out of the water and fighting to limit the number of positions lost on the bike stage so that I could try to run my way back into the podium positions. Since joining Blue in 2015, the Impossible has become a strong I’mPossible! I quickly found myself maintaining and extending the overall lead on my Triad EX. This resulted in numerous overall race wins and a 2015 #1 ranking for USAT16-17 year olds.

2016 called for a switch to Draft Legal racing as my primary race style in my efforts to recognize my goal of winning the 2020 Olympic triathlon. I now spend most of my time on my Blue AC1 EX. My season opened at the Clermont Draft-Legal Challenge and once again Blue proved to me that the Impossible was I’mPossible! Being first out of the water in the U25 Elite Development Race both days and a strong T1 positioned me at the head of the lead pack. Racing with some very experienced elite athletes, my Blue AC1 did not let me down! I was very comfortable working with the small groups to stay away and position myself at the front of the field going into T2 both days. Making this transition with Blue has given me a distinct advantage over all of my competitors and I am excited to make my mark throughout the rest of the season and hopefully on to meet my goals in 2020. Blue has made the Impossible into I’mPossible! Thank you Blue!
— Bobby Hammond