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— Alexandra Burton
“Impossible I’m Possible

The 4 min running mile barrier was once ‘impossible’. Things we thought were impossible yesterday can become possible. I have been witness to this watching my father battle cancer for the last 10 years. My father continues to prove the impossible is possible with the right attitude and a big heart. I try to bring his attitude into my racing, when it starts getting tough or someone says it’s ‘impossible’ to beat that guy, I believe that it is possible and try to prove all the doubters wrong. ”
— David Mainwaring

2016 Race Schedule
27th March - Ironman 70.3
1st May - Ironman 70.3 Busselton
5th June - 5150 Coral Coast
7th August - Ironman 70.3 Asia Pacific Champ
9th September - Ironman 70.3 World Champs
27th November - Ironman 70.3 Western Sydney

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I joined the Blue team in 2014, never considering myself a strong cyclist on the ITU circuit. But with Blue, my cycling went from strength to strength and I was able to not only keep up with some of the strongest cyclists, but I found my cycling became a game-changing factor in most races.

Since making the switch to long course racing this year, Blue has made it possible for me to mix it with some of the best athletes in the business. I know that I am on a bike I can trust and most importantly, goes fast!! I know that as long as I am riding Blue, I’mPossible.

I am a Registered Dietitian and a Professional Triathlete entering my 5th season in the elite field. I like my equipment to be comfortable and predictable, and because of this I raced the same bike for seven years! One year I dabbled with a different model and found handling and comfort to be an issue- not ideal when trying to lay down a hot bike split in a race.

Despite my reluctance to give up my old steed, I trust the Blue brand and their engineering, plus they’re just awesome guys to work with. I am so glad I took a chance and found the Triad! I haven’t had to compromise on comfort, stability or speed which are all critical components of performing at my peak on the course.

Having the support of a great company behind me and knowing I have reliable, high-end equipment helps me feel confident that I can bring out my best come race day.
— Erin Green

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— Jarrod Shoemaker
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Had a ripper race on Saturday, taking out the gold in the Oceania championships. I won with a 6 min lead. To put it in perspective, this race last year I was beaten by the girl who came second at this race by 2 mins. Also, the girl in second is a ex pro cyclist and has always had the fastest bike split, where not even the world champ has beaten before. This time, I had a clean, efficient and super fast bike spilt on a technical course to have the fastest bike split by a minute.

That’s why I ride blue.
— Kate Doughty
This is a hard sport. Training for a race that last 8+ hours. Fitting in 3 disciplines (swim, bike, run).
Majority of the time I’ve been up and training up to a couple hours before the sun even comes up.
Trying to be the best Dad I can be. Trying to be the best Husband I can be. Trying to be the best Triathlete I can be. Trying to be the best person I can be.

If you don’t believe in yourself and you doubt yourself along the way you will never be your best at anything in life.

”I’m Possible” is the perfect slogan not only for Blue Competition Cycles but for everyday life. So when you’re feeling down and out just think “I’m Possible”
— Paul Matthews
Bike was great...I am very happy with the bike. It rides very well and is much lighter than my previous bike.
— Melissa Haulschildt
Melissa Hauschildt 045.jpg
The second I threw my leg over the Axino at team camp, I knew this bike was going to be perfect! It’s fast, stable at high speed, incredibly stiff and most importantly, sexy!
— Ben Renkema
When I opened each Axino to build them ahead of the team camp, I was super impressed at the quality of the frames. I’ve built many different brands over the years, and the quality of this bike really impressed me. No detail of this bike was looked over! -Chad, team mechanic
— Chad, Team Mechanic