At Blue, aerodynamics is not merely a part of our development process; it is our development process. Simply put: BLUE is AERO.

Build on BlueDynamics  The scientific term “dynamics” is defined as a branch of physics concerned with the study of forces and torques and their effect on motion. Along that vein, BlueDynamics is the study of the technology employed and developed by our product team and the resulting effects on your motion. BlueDynamics represents the philosophy of combining aerodynamics, ergonomics, and materials to develop bikes that simply perform.

Super Flow Tube Technology  -Tube shape is a major factor in aerodynamic efficiency. Equally as important is the orientation of the tubes and how each tube’s angle effectively alters its shape. Blue’s Super Flow Tube Technology (SFT2) is the art of creating tubes to be perfectly aligned with the flow of the wind. The cross-sectional shape will change along different points of each tube to best optimize its aerodynamic properties.  Along with our SFT2 designs, Kamtail tube shapes on the Axino series is designed to work in multiple wind conditions and improve aerodynamics.

Carbon 4 Road Aero -The fourth generation of carbon-fiber layup in the aero forks. Blue's research and development team has worked with our pro-athletes in the stages of designing the most aerodynamic forks while maintaining the strength and rigidity of the demands of the rider.

Cross Wind Angles -Part of Blue's philosophy in the dynamics of aerodynamics is the real-live scenario. Head wind comes in many directions and wind tunnel testing the variable affects are push to limits at 30mph at 15 degrees yaw angle. Blue is sensitive to the details of the tube shapes with angle-cuts to reduce drag at crosswinds.

Blue-Tech Carbon uses high modulus carbon T-700 and employs proprietary layup in the structure of the frame. The carbon is layup is then configured to achieve desired strength, weight, and ride characteristics.